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Hey there. I just found this community and thought I'd introduce myself. The name's Tobias. I'm a 19-year-old bisexual pre-everything FtM, with a straight bio-guy partner. I doubt he'll be joining anytime soon, as he's not big on communities, but I figured I'd join, at least. ;x

Normally I don't badger people with questions in my very first post, but I do have one. My partner was originally attracted to me as a female (before I came out to him), but didn't start dating me 'til recently (long after I came out to him). He's said that if we're still together when I'm able to begin physically transitioning that I will be "the one exception to [his] otherwise straight sexuality." This is, of course, one of the sweetest and most memorable things (to me, at least) that he's said. However, for some reason I still feel nervous and kind-of skirt around the topic in conversation, and even feel a bit guilty for the situation I'm putting him in (as he cares a great deal about what other people think of him and, unfortunately, has a lot of closed-minded people to deal with). Does anyone else have this problem? Do you find avoidance of the topic in discussion to be helpful when it comes to the nervousness? Does it resolve itself? Or is it better to discuss it whenever it surfaces? Normally, I'd just talk to him about it, but I hate for it to seem like that's all I talk about, y'know?

Thanks in advance!

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